Lake Country Air Service

With rare exception, it's every pilot's dream to be able to create a business from flying, expanding a passion into a job. John Justad has done that, and he's done it with a deHavilland Beaver.
N31457 made it's appearance on the website back in March 2007. I've known this airplane and it's different owners for quite a while, and one day at Sky Harbor in Duluth, I met it's current owner, a man who had big plans for this Beaver.

John owns and operates Lake Country Air Service, a scenic air tour service that serves Northern Minnesota. He's based at either the Webb Lake Airport in Hackensack, MN, or Sky Harbor Airport in Duluth, MN. From either departure, the view is incredible!
Floatplanes are synonomous with the Northern Minnesota area, and go hand in hand spectacularly with the "land of 10,000 lakes". To enjoy the scenery of this region from the air is bound to be memorable. To enjoy the scenery in a Beaver is just icing on the cake!
Drop by Lake Country Air Service's website for more information about rates, schedules, and contact information, along with a profile of N31357 and some interesting links. John has some great photos on the website as well, and it's evident from them alone that he too has a passion not only for flying, but for the Beaver as well.If you're ever in Minnesota's Northland, looking for some adventure that involves beautiful scenery, airplane exhaust, and a radial rumble, contact John and schedule a flight. He is professional, courteous, and always makes time to answer questions or tell a good story.

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