Turning Back Time - (C-GKBW)

C-GKBW, serial number 310, wearing it's first North American numbers. This Beaver has undergone a number of changes since it posed for this picture. It still looks timeless.
Someone who knows I'm obsessed with this airplane sent this picture to me, and I can't remember who. The photo also lives on DHC-2.com , so with apologies to Neil, I didn't rip this image out from under you!


neilincanada said...

You can rip anything you like "piston"

Uncle Neil XX

P.S. You have a wee typo C-CKBW instead of C-GKBW . . oops

Piston Engine Princess said...

When it comes to getting photos from you Neil, where would I even start!?
As for the typo, I'm ashamed to have transposed my favorite numbers.