Serendipity, Sunsets, & a Salad - (N12DM)

Resting in the harbor in Grand Marais, MN
I'd been waiting for this airplane all summer long, and last September, when Pete flew N12DM to his cabin on Sag Lake, we made plans for a visit. By the time I was able to make it over to his cabin, it was late in the day, so our time in the air that evening was against the backdrop of the most incredible sunset I've ever seen. Possibly because I was seeing it from a slightly higher altitude than I'm used to. Naturally, I forgot to bring my camera along, but maybe the images of that day are best viewed in my imagination. Thinking back on all the flights I've ever made; in the snow, through the rain, and way above the clouds, I can't think of one that was as beautiful. A view of the lake that I grew up on and make my home, painted in the burning orange of fading light, will be remembered and never equaled.
In an unexpected but appreciated coincidence, I ran into N12DM once again a few days later, this time at the Grand Marais airport. And so we were in the air once again, for a short flight to the harbor, where we did lunch at a waterfront restaurant.
A whole bunch of unexpected events led to my meeting up with this airplane again, and in the end I experienced some memorable time in the air. I suppose coincidences like these are one of the rewards of chasing airplanes, and the fact that the floatplane community is such a small circle of friends.

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Jimmy said...

Sweet looking plane PEP! It almost makes me wish I had my float endorsement...

I'm a piston pounder for life, just the wheeled variety. My buddy ruined float flying for me; my first flight in a small plane was with him doing 'rough water' T/O and landings on Harrison Lake. I managed for about half an hour before painting the side of that cub with my lunch. My memory has almost faded and my stomach hardened to the point I might give it a go again.

Good to see you blogging again. Cheers!