Dan J. sent me this incredibly cool picture of a trio of Forest Service Beavers at their base on Shagawa Lake in Ely, Minnesota. These three Beavs are almost identical. From their paint to their portal windows, and the water pods on the floats; an impressive looking team. I enjoy seeing these airplanes flying over my home, but unfortunately every time they come by, it's because there's a forest fire in the area. I will visit them someday in Ely, when they are at rest.
N191Z holds serial number 1006 and was built in 1956. N192Z was born in 1959 and has serial number1347. Built in 1957, N193Z has serial number 1162.

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Growing up in Ely, Beavers were known as our saviors. True workhorses, they tirelessly load and unload their liquid cargo. Whether extinguishing a full blown fire, or keeping a prescribed burn under control, one can't help but look up when they hear the mighty roar of their powerful engines, in hopes of catching a glace at these red-tipped winged heroes. My home would not be where it stands today without them or their pilots.