Scandia Bay Beav (N31357)

N31357 stealing the show at Oshkosh's floatplane base (Photo by Tom Ford)
Sleeping in the hangar at Sky Harbor, Duluth, MN
At one time, N31357 belonged to a friend of mine who has a cabin on Sag Lake, and was then bought by a friend of a friend who has a cabin in the same bay on Sag. The brown Beav is at home on Sag but for whatever reason, I keep missing it. The picture above is the only one I've taken of this Beav and since it's so horrible, I put off posting this Beaver. Last fall I was bumming around at Sky Harbor, surrounded by horizontally opposed engines, when I found N31357. Since breaking into someone's hangar to take pictures has some unfortunate consequences, I settled for shooting through dirty glass, and finally broke down and asked Neil Aird if I could rip a clear picture off DHC-2.com. N31357 was born in 1957 and holds serial number 1126. Looking at this airplane reminds you that it's well suited for exactly the job it was designed for, and although it truly is a dependable bushplane, on the surface, I think the main attraction is it's looks - all clean lines and smooth curves, nothing square about it. As an artist, I'm hard-wired to notice this. I've had people tell me regarding a Beaver, that "form follows function" but I think they just like to use metaphors and really have no idea what they're talking about.

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Laura Marxen said...

Chalkie: This is the Beaver that did a fly-by for us at the Duluth airshow, way back when we were just little chickens. Rave the radial!