Sag is Cessna's Second Home (N12DM)

N12DM tucked in for the night on Sag Lake.
N12DM is a Cessna 185, built in 1976. It is owned by a friend who has a cabin on Sag, and so I am neighbors with this snappy airplane. I stalked Pete for about a week, trying to catch him on the ground. Every time I'd grab the camera and get in the boat to charge him down, I would hear him take off. After a few days of bad timing, I finally got the pictures I wanted. N12DM is all decked out with Wipline 3000 amphibs and has a really classic paint job that doesn't show up too well in these pictures. It sounds incredible flying over my house at 500 feet. I believe that a three-blade prop is at home on this airplane. Triple blades look great on a horizontally opposed engine but a radial engine should stand behind a two blade prop. This is only my opinion and I should be forgiven for thinking about form before function. No doubt this Cessna will show up in my life again at some point....

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